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August 10, 2011

Rekeying 12 different locks onto a master system, installing 2 deadbolts, planing 3 doors, installing 3 jam plates, disabling 3 knob locks , and cutting over two dozen keys.

I called Bill on Monday, and he was able to come by later the same day to look over what I needed done and give me a quote. Even with a huge job, he made it here two days later and got the entire job done before leaving. Several doors that used to stick now swing freely, all the locks work beautifully, and I feel confident in the system as a whole.

I really appreciated that Bill took the time to explain to me why he needed to do some of the things he suggested and, when I asked, how the different parts of the locks worked. He did a number of small things to make the doors work better at no charge and threw in a couple of parts that he had spare. I got the feeling that he could have charged a lot more for the job than he did. I didn't grade the price because I didn't get other quotes. When I contacted Bill, I was happy enough with the communication that I didn't call anyone else.

Finally, he gave me the key codes for all of the keys so I could get them cut by another locksmith if I needed to. I don't plan to, though - after the service I've gotten, I don't plan to go to anyone else as long as Bill is available.

August 1, 2011

Following the purchase of my home, Bill re-keyed the entry locks, added a lock to a file cabinet and re-coded the garage door opener.

Bill responded quickly to my request for services - we communicated via email and phone. He clearly explained the costs involved. I closed on a new home in the morning and he was able to arrive in the afternoon to address the locks and garage door opener.

Prior to beginning the work, he took the time to explain potential options and the rationale for using them. I accepted his suggestion to change the door handles from knobs to levers and am very glad I did! This is something I wouldn't have thought of and I'm grateful he made the suggestion. Bill also re-aligned the deadbolt plates and the locks just glide into place!

He easily re-coded my garage door; he had purchased a universal remote because I had misplaced my 2nd device. Luckily, I found the missing garage door opener, and Bill calmly stated he'd return the universal he had purchased. Bill was efficient and professional throughout process. I highly recommend his services, and am grateful to know I have found a reliable locksmith!

August 1, 2011

Bought house and needed locks changed.

As we all know locksmiths aren't inexpensive but I thought his rates were reasonable and more importantly he is a profesional that has built a reputation for being trustworthy - peace of mind is also important

Here's a breakdown of what I paid (visa)

Service call $45

2 Quick set deadbolts locks installed $150 - included 4 keys

4 locks re-keyed - $60

1 thumb turn cylinder installed - $25

deactivated entry knobs that I wanted deactivated at no charge

Discount (Military/Students/Seniors) - $28

Bill arrived on time and was very professional I was in the middle of moving while he worked, he wasted no time going to work and but prior to starting took time to explain to me what options were safer and why - I learned a lot from him and thank him for his advice. For example, I have and iron storm door that opened with keys on both sides of the lock and assumed it was better because it would be harder to pick. Bill said that he would installed if I wanted them but went on to explain that statistically in the last 30 years such locks haven't demonstrated reduced burglaries or better safety. He said if I needed to flee the house (like in a fire) that could actually work against my favor. He also said he wouldn't install those locks in his own house - that was enough for me. I was ready to change all the outside locks and he said there was no need - he re-keyed everything and saved me money - he made sticky doors close with ease and even made my kitchen entry door safer by fixing a bad existing installation. All the locks to my house now open with the same key - that is really nice

July 27, 2011

Re-keyed all locks on our new house and installed dead bolts on two doors.

Overall the process went very well. He showed up on time and went to work after explaining what we wanted done. Suggested adding deadbolts to two doors leading into our garage, which we had him install. He adjusted a dead bolt that was difficult to close on one door. He worked around the movers who were still unloading our things while he was there.

June 7, 2011

The patio sliding door lock jammed so that we could not open the door. He was able to replace it with a part from his truck. It works fine now. He did warn us about the locksmith scams that are occurring all over the country. The fee included the service call, parts and labor and seemed very reasonable given the fact that he spent more than an hour adjusting the part. His service also has a one year guarantee.

June 2, 2011

We purchased a new home and wanted to have the locks re-keyed. After contacting the loc doche set up a time to perform the work. He arrived early and was prepared for the job. He worked quickly and efficiently. After completing the job he informed us of a few things we should be aware of with our locks and how to keep them in tip top shape for years to come. We also decided to have an electronic deadbolt installed and he did that at a later date with no service call charge. Thanks so much for a job well done! I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

March 5, 2011

We have an old house and our locks were giving us problems. Bill came in on a Saturday morning to repair the locks and additionally added a deadbolt as well. He was very thorough and professional. Overall, a great experience!!

January 28, 2011

The Loc Doc answered my initial phone call, and was able to schedule my work immediately. He said he would arrive at a approximate time, and did so. I run a smalll business from my home, and was able to keep working while he took care of the door lock issue. Upon completion, he went over what he did, showed me the parts, explained the pro's and con's to the type of door handle and locks I currently have. He discussed the implications for future issue's, and suggested certain steps be taken now, to avoid those issue's which is much appreciated. I would recommend this service to anyone in need of locksmith work.

December 20, 2010

"They changed all of the locks in my house, and provided a couple of new bolts as well. They went above and beyond, which I really appreciate. The customer service was great, and they gave me some very helpful suggestions."

December 02, 2010

"We had 5 deadbolts rekeyed, some adjustments made to the lock plates, and 5 keys cut. He was on time and walked us through all of our options. He also took the time to show us small repairs we could make on our own to some of the door handles. He worked quickly and we are very happy with the results."

October 20, 2010

We had a lock that was frozen, and one that was falling apart and they fixed it. It went really well. It was nice to deal with the owner/operator. He was very flexible with scheduling, and he thought it was a good value for what he did.

October 5, 2010

"The job went extremely well over all. Scheduling was easy, Bill was on time (early in fact), and he provided advice on the best solutions for each door, and attention was given to matching the finish of the hardware to complement our 100 year old house. Most importantly we received high quality work from someone we can trust."

October 4, 2010

the best! Very fast, and professional. Best rates in town, and the nicest too!!

July 16, 2010

"Bill arrived on time and did a fine job. More importantly, I trust him. He did some work for me several years ago and I was delighted to have him come back to secure my home. You will not find a more trustworthy locksmith in Madison."

June 24, 2010

"We needed locks changed on a Saturday. Bill came within a couple of hours of our call. When he got delayed, he called ahead to let us know. Our locks were a bit old & odd, so he walked us through the various options. When we decided not to go for the more expensive replacement, he did the re-key we asked for, and said that he'd apply that amount to a future upgrade if we changed our minds later.Wonderful to work with!"

June 05, 2010

"We changed locks on our new house and added a deadbolt. It is an older house with old locks and doors. He suggested a fix for the deadbolt locks not matching with the latches. He was professional, affordable and VERY knowledgeable."

May 19, 2010

"We simply wanted 3 deadbolts rekeyed, and would have been satisfied if that was all Bill did. However, he improved the functionality of 2 doors and greatly improved the third. While these repairs were a small "upsell", they changed me from satisfied to absolutely delighted.

Bill gave me the rekeying estimate over the phone and came out the same day at the time of our choosing. He was prompt, professional, and was conscientious of having our small kids around. He ended up showing me, and explaining to me, minor to major problems with all 3 doors (jambs, deadbolts, strike plates and handles). Some of these I knew about, others I didn't, so his diagnoses were a big value-add. Our front door previously stuck badly, and was difficult to lock/unlock, and I thought I'd have to chisel/shim under the hinges to perform a "good enough" fix. Instead Bill found the installation problem with the handle, a missing part, and fixed the strike plates. Now the door works just fine, and that alone was worth the charge for the entire visit. Bill left no mess, worked quickly, and made several keys on the spot. I emphatically recommend him."

May 03, 2010

"I recently bought a home, and on the day of closing, I called The Lock Doc to set up an appointment to have the locks changed. To my surprise, he said he would be available in 90 minutes. He answered my questions over the phone in a manner that was very patient, courteous, and clear. When he arrived at my new home (on time, despite terrible weather), he was equally professional. He explained my options about choosing locks and brands, and detailed exactly what everything would cost. Once he got to work, he was both quick and thorough. He offered to remove his shoes, and even brought his own dustpan and broom! If it weren't for the terrific work he did, I wouldn't even have known he'd been there. When he finished, we went through the bill together. The itemized charges were exactly what we had agreed upon in advance. (house call: $45; new deadbolt: $75; plus re-keying and other charges) He accepted cash, check, and credit cards. A positive experience from start to finish! I would recommend the Lock Doc to anyone."

January 14, 2010

"Excellent. Was prompt, polite, professional, efficient. Very knowledgeable, takes pride in his work, and did a good deal of customer education regarding locks, home safety, etc. during the time at the house. The service was needed following a burglary. He came out late at night and was very helpful and got the job done quickly and well. A completely satisfactory experience; doubt that you could find anyone better to work with."

November 11, 2009

"I called two places for estimates and decided to go with Bill at Lock Doc. When I called back to set up an appointment, he said he was available immediately and would be over in half an hour. He showed up when he said he would, and suggested that we add a deadbolt to the one door we didn't have one on. We agreed, and he got to work. He put in our new deadbolt, replaced the other two, and even fixed the nonlocking door handles so that the doors now close more easily. He asked how many keys we wanted; we said three, but he gave us five, no extra charge. The price was right, the work was done well, and we couldn't ask for more on time, what with him coming the same day I called! Would definitely use them again; highly recommended!"